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Anti-stick coating

Anti-sticking process: by means of physical coating or chemical reaction, coating or reaction of the surface of workpiece or the surface of the spray coating to foam a special functional film, which can provide anti-sticking and reduce peeling force. Low friction coefficient, dry lubrication and other functions. This film can be divided into two types: composite hard film with wear resistance and soft elastic film. Appropriate functional film can be selected according to different use environment. Anti-sticking material tempering: According to different customer needs and application environments, some material can be tempered to meet customer request.

Water droplets test

Anti-sticking surface treatment The Al2O3 coating showed obvious anti-sticking treatment and no anti-sticking treatment effect. The surface of treated coating will have a lotus effect, making the liquid drop look like water droplets, while the droplets on the untreated coating will gradually diffuse and penetrate.   Antennae: when the contact angle ≦90˚, the hydrophilicity is good;
When the contact angle >90˚, the hydrophobicity is high.

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