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Hardfacing Welding

Welding, Flux-Cored Arc(FCAW) It is one of the arc welding methods. The arc is generated between the consumable electrode continuously sent out and the molten pool. Filler metal is a tubular wire filled with welding flux. The main function of welding flux is to generate shielding gas, participate in metallurgical reactions, stabilize electric arcs, deoxidize, and generate welding slag.
Welding, Oxyfuel Gas(OFW) A welding method in which a single or multiple flames of gas are used to heat the metal to achieve the joint. When heating, pressure is applied or not, and filler metal is added or not.
Submerged Arc Welding(SAW) One of the welding methods, one or more arcs are interposed between the wire electrode and the molten pool, and the arc and molten metal are covered by the granular flux scattered on the weld bead as protection. Since the arc is shielded by the flux, it is called submerged arc welding. There is also welding without welding flux protection, which is called Open-Arc Welding (OAW).



P.T.A Plasma Transferred Arc welding Plasma powder overlay welding is a process method for cladding using argon plasma arc as high temperature heat source and alloy powder as filler metal.
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